The fitness industry would like you to believe that you need that exercise product, nutrition bar or protein powder to change your body.  But I am here to tell you that you don’t need those things. Those things are just distractions, just smoke veiled over the real truth.

Here is the clear, simple truth.  You only need to do one thing. There is no exercise or nutrition product that will help you get there.

What’s the One Thing?

You need to work hard. That’s it and if you think that you are already working hard then let’s evaluate why you haven’t achieved your fitness goals. If you really want to achieve whatever your fitness goals are then you have to face this. You have to own this. Nothing outside of yourself is going to get you there.

What do I mean by working hard? I mean you need to exercise. You need to exercise often and you need to do something challenging and do it consistently. Your body is built to respond to whatever challenge it faces and figure out a way to do it easier so that it can expend less energy. That means that once you start exercising your body is getting stronger and you need to challenge it in other ways to still get the benefits. Your body is adapting to what you do inside and outside of the gym.

What Should You Do?

You should do a combination of lifting weights and cardio.  Not just one or the other.  And you need to assess your current fitness classes when it comes to weight lifting or strength building exercises. For some reason, the fitness industry is selling women a sham. Do not pick up those dumbbells that weigh less than 10 pounds if you don’t want to waste your time. It isn’t enough. Those bands that they ask you to use.  Not enough. Those exercises will not cause your body to adapt because they are too light and not challenging enough. Essentially your body is just going through the motions.

How Much Weight Should I lift?

Look at what you do during your day. What do you lift and how much does that weigh? If you are a parent then I’m asking you how much your kids weigh too.  How much do those bags of groceries weigh? An easy example is that a gallon of milk weighs almost 10 pounds and I know you are not doing one trip into the house with that. We are busy parents with kids to feed.

So that is your starting point.  Nothing you lift that weighs less than that will challenge your body enough to cause it to adapt. Meaning if you are unhappy with a certain body part that you would like to “tighten” or “tone” then you need to strengthen that muscle. When you strengthen it then it will grow and you will achieve that “toned” look.

Best Way to Change Your Body

Why am I only talking about lifting weights? Quite simply it is the best and most efficient way for your to change your body.  Cardio just won’t do it.

What About Cardio?

Yes you need to do cardio to help you lose weight but not crazy amounts of it. Just a challenging amount for you. That means the long slow jog outside has to go. It is not effective. You need to pick a pace that is challenging and if you can only run a mile then that’s a great starting point.  Map out a 1 mile run.  Let’s see how reasonably fast you can finish it. I’m not asking you to sprint. Just pick a pace that is challenging. That is your starting point. Remember how your body is going to adapt and expend less energy?  So as you get better each week then raise that bar and challenge yourself for a better time or extend that distance.  Maybe even sign up for that local 5k.

You Can Do This

You already have everything that you need to achieve your fitness goals. Have a good talk with yourself and figure out what your starting point is.  What can you do now? Does that mean two days a week you lift weights at home and go for a run? Perfect! Do that for a couple of weeks and then raise that bar. Keep challenging yourself. Work Hard. Do it consistently and you will get there. The only thing holding you back is not doing it.  Keep working. Keep showing up. This is about you. Not those exercise products or nutrition bars that they are trying to sell you.