Our Facility


All the beautiful heavy things from Rogue. Racks, pull up bars, kettlebells, and cardio platform with Fan Bikes (move your arms, feel the breeze) and Bike Ergs (closest thing to a road bike but you don’t travel anywhere). 

Kids’ Play Space

Custom play structure designed by architects! Climbing wall, hanging pod chairs, a magnetic wall! Come on now, I want to be a kid again!

Family Bathrooms

Now it’s about time that family bathrooms get a makeover. Want to shower in luxury while your children are playing in our play zone. Go ahead, use all of that hot water. Have your own thoughts. I forget to mention stocked up bathrooms with products you forgot to put in your bag when you were running out of the house. We’ve got you!

Outdoor Social Area and Play Space

We really outdid ourselves. You had no idea what we were hiding behind that glass garage door. Sit down, relax, enjoy some coffee, watch your kids play. Take some time for yourself.