Feeling uncomfortable, nervous and intimidated when joining a new gym are completely normal feelings and unfortunately all too common.  Before we dive deep into strategies to break the ice at your new gym it is important to point out that there are steps that your new gym should be taking to help you feel more comfortable. Feeling lost or unsure of what to do are common experiences at most gyms but not at Brush Park Gymnasium.

At Brush Park, we have taken very purposeful steps to create a welcoming, comfortable, and inviting culture with our staff and members. It is our goal to break the ice at our gym within the first week by making sure you meet our trainers and other members.  Then walking you through the gym, child care space, indoor play space, and cafe area. We have tried to think of everything your family would need but please feel free to contact us if there’s any improvements we can make.

Short Warning About Personal Trainers

Before we get into those 4 strategies to break the ice at your new gym let’s first discuss personal trainers.

At Brush Park we have strength coaches, not personal trainers, which means our coaches have college degrees in Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, or Kinesiology etc.  Commonly, to become a personal trainer you just have to study and take a test.  Now there are many certificates that only require one test that are perfectly acceptable.  We only have issue with the lack of training that many personal trainers have. That does not mean all personal trainers are horrible.  It just means they are under-trained and you should seek out higher qualified personal trainers or strength coaches.  A great certification that you could look for is called the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. This is commonly abbreviated after the trainer’s name with CSCS.

4 Strategies to Break the Ice

  1. Work with a personal trainer.  But look out for major red flags such as exercises that cause you pain or salesmen like tactics to sign you up for long term contracts.  Just work with them for a short time period to learn some new exercises.
  2. Say hi first. So simple yet so effective. Walk in there like you own the place.  Say hi to the front desk staff, the trainers, and yes even the other people that you are about to work out with. You will see them again so let’s be friends.
  3. Ask questions. If a trainer shows you an exercise and you still don’t know how to do it ask them to show you again.  Even 2-3 more times.  It is their job to explain the exercises well enough for you to perform them properly. When you do the exercise ask them if your form was right.  The more you ask, the more attention you will receive which means your workouts will be more effective.
  4. Sign up, book your class, tell the trainer you’re coming.  This strategy is to hold you accountable.  If you go inconsistently then you will never break the ice and get past that uncomfortable “I’m new here” feeling.

Most importantly always remember you are only limited by your own beliefs. Write a new story in which health and fitness is an important part of your life.