“What if there was a place where you are welcomed and feel connected. Where family, health, and wellness are valued. A place that combines great fitness options for adults. And an active & safe space for kids.” This is the script from our promotional video that we made when Brush Park was just an idea. We wanted to give it life, even without a location, so we could show you what Brush Park was all about.

Long Journey from Its Conception

It has been almost 2 years since this idea first popped into our heads. Since then it has grown and developed into this living & evolving concept that is backed by one very passionate fitness professional. Also, by a team of talented architects, designers, parents, and family that are ready to create this amazing gym.

Solving A Problem

Brush Park Gymnasium was created to solve a common problem: the lack of health and fitness options under one roof for families. The solution was to create a neighborhood gym that authentically meets the needs of every family member.

How to Meet Those Needs?

This will be accomplished by offering group fitness classes for adults, active play classes for parents & children, trusted childcare and a remarkably designed indoor/outdoor play space. Our gym will include family supporting amenities like easy check-in, stroller parking, family bathrooms, free wi-fi, and a coffee/snack bar.

Designing Process

We’ve been feverishly working with our architects, Moss Design, since purchasing our first location at 4642-4646 N. Rockwell St. in Lincoln Square. The design process means so much to us. Since we want to create the most amazing space for our families. We are going to make some big changes to our new building so this construction will take a substantial amount of time. But don’t worry all of our time & efforts will be well worth it. We want to build the best family gym in Chicago.

Stay in the Loop

We cannot wait to get this process started. We will post updates through our social media. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and sign up for our newsletter.

Send us some good luck vibes and reach out if you are a local business that wants to collaborate or even a local parent that has some great ideas.

Contact us at hello@brushparkgym.com

Take care,

Adrienne Farrell

Owner & Founder