Do you remember those 8 Minute Ab videos in the 90s? Now fast forward to 2019 and Instagram is full of videos with trainers showing ab exercise (corework) focused workouts. It’s the same message. You will get these abs if you do these exercises. They are not telling you the truth. The long & intense workouts that trainer does and the strict diet she follows religiously has been omitted. Having abs that are visible is about the leanness of your body, specifically the proportion of body fat to lean muscle. This is achieved through consistent exercise and adhering to a strict diet.

Corework Should Not Be Primary

Exercise just like healthy eating is about consistency. There isn’t one perfect exercise that will get a body part to look a certain way. It’s about the process. Yes, there are exercises that are more effective. Corework (ab exercises) is a key part of an effective workout. But should never be the primary focus unless you are a professional athlete like Crossfitter Kari Pearce. You can check out her Instagram page to see the insane corework she endures to prepare her body for competitions.This doesn’t mean that workouts should not contain ab exercises. An effective workout is well balanced.

Key Principles at Brush Park

Now, let’s talk about the key principles that Brush Park Gymnasium uses to design their workouts. These key principles include balance and value.

  • Balance: means designing workouts that include movements in multiple directions, varying levels of intensities, & a wide variety of exercises. Plus, challenging the body’s strength, balance, mobility and endurance.
  • Value: assesses which exercises are done in our gym. This looks at the big picture of our clients’ fitness needs. It is very important to Brush Park that each exercise is done safely and effectively helps our clients meet their fitness goals. The lack of time is a huge barrier for many clients so our workouts are designed to be the most effective and efficient.

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