Remember your favorite moment playing with your kids? Maybe you were outside at the park or in your front yard. Either way, do you remember that carefree feeling of just playing with them?

Active Play is Exercise

Let’s start there and build a gym around the idea that active play is exercise. Let’s build a gym that welcome’s families and creates an environment that encourages families to be active together. That’s our story. Brush Park is a gym for families.

Health and Wellness is the KeyStone

Why build a gym for families? It’s hard not to just burst with the millions of reasons why I need to do this but here is the foundation of it. Health and wellness is the keystone of living a happy, fulfilling life. Even if you do not enjoy exercising you still need to be physically active to stay healthy. That message is so important to pass on to our kids.

But guess what? Most gyms do a terrible job of welcoming families. There are so many gyms that do not offer childcare at all or do it in such a way that no one has the faith to use it. Families need better options and that’s why we’re building this gym.

Family Supporting Amenities, Classes and Events

As parents of young children, it is hard to gather the energy or time to exercise while juggling family life. That’s where we come in with our wildly family supporting amenities, classes and events. We are more than a gym. We want this to be the most convenient and supportive environment your family has experienced. Brush Park will provide an environment that allows health and wellness to be seamlessly integrated into your family’s life.

Indoor Play Space for Kids

This is met by providing a thoughtfully designed indoor play space for your children to be active that is supervised by our own professionally trained staff while you exercise. This means time for you, finally. You will be challenged by our classes and supported by our fun loving community of families from the neighborhood. This is the place for you. Need some time to catch up on work email before you exercise? Grab a seat at our cafe area with free wifi. You can take some time for yourself but don’t forget you’re also there to exercise.

If you’re tired of being away from your kids while at work and still need to exercise then join one of our parent and child active play classes.  Don’t think you’ll be challenged enough?  Oh our coaches are up for the challenge.

Brush Park Looks at the Big Picture

Health and wellness at Brush Park Gymnasium is not limited to a 60 minute workout session just for adults like most gyms. We look at the big picture of health and wellness which includes exercise, nutrition and mobility. We will offer exercise classes for adults, active play classes for parents and their kids, and host health & wellness events in our cafe area through Brush Park Social.

Let’s write this story together.  Come join Brush Park Gymnasium.


Adrienne Farrell

Founder of Brush Park Gymnasium