Brush park Gymnasium Classes

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The perfect class to reset your body and safely challenge it with a healthy dose of strength, core and cardio. Time to restore your mobility, strengthen your body and build the foundation for healthy living. 

*Recommended for all new members.

Group exercise


Feeling tired and sore, like there isn’t much left in the tank? This is the class for you! Let’s take care of your body with a longer warm up, a smaller dose of strength & cardio, and a cool down with yoga inspired movements to renew your body and mind. 


Sometimes you just want to lift heavy and feel strong. Welcome to our Build Class where we incorporate a higher dose of strength exercises with barbells and kettlebells. We’re going to build off of your foundational exercises and increase your work capacity. 


Long, slow cardio is boring and ineffective. That’s why our Fly Class keeps things interesting by mixing several modes of cardio in one workout. Fan bike, Erg bike, slide board, jump rope, run, row, battle rope, push a sled….etc., etc. Fly will get your heart pumping and improve your cardiovascular health. 


(Coming Soon) The class you imagined when you saw our Rogue exercise equipment. We are not here to grind you out and create soreness for days. It’s ineffective and not safe. But we get it that sometimes you just want to crush a workout, and this is our Challenge class. 

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There’s no membership or enrollment fees. No drop-ins. Please book your class at least 2 hours in advance.

Need childcare while you work out?

Our active play kids classes are a dream come true for parents and kids alike. Book a Kids Class along with your Adult Group Training. Your child can stay up to 30 minutes after the end of your workout class, providing you time to shower or relax before you pick them up. Drop offs are not permitted (yes, you need to exercise).

Brush Park’s classes are fun for the entire family.

Health and fitness that is sustainable! Come join Brush Park Gym’s classes and enjoy our supportive community. Exercise can feel good. Bring your kiddos too! Sign them up for our active play classes in our amazing indoor and outdoor play space.

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Sometimes it’s just easier to talk with another human. Send us an email with any questions you may have. Or we could just chat about health & fitness. We love that too.