Let’s make health and wellness INCLUSIVE AND SUPPORTIVE FOR EVERYONE

Brush Park’s Community Vision

Brush Park Gymnasium is a safe, efficient and authentic place for families and neighbors to come together to learn how to be healthy and active together with expert guidance.

Our goal is to create an environment that authentically meets the needs of every member. Brush Park will not only host the individual, but their family and community. We believe that community can be cultivated through a neighborhood gym. That’s why we’ve created Brush Park Social to host health & wellness focused events for our members. Brush Park’s community members will help change the narrative of healthy living into one that is accessible to families, inclusive to all genders and sustainable for the long term.

Founder of Brush Park Adrienne Farrell

Adrienne Farrell, owner and coach

Adrienne’s first child was born in 2013. She found herself tossed into a new routine of feeding and nap times and not a lot of time to keep up her fitness routine. It was one of those non-negotiables: with a Masters in Exercise Physiology, she couldn’t give up her active lifestyle.  She wondered why there weren’t more options in local gyms that met her entire family’s needs. 

Even though Chicago is saturated with options for gyms, nothing could accommodate Adrienne’s need for high quality fitness and child care. So, she started working out in her living room. That wasn’t going to work in the long term and Adrienne realized that if she wanted a place with high quality fitness options and a trusted childcare, she’d have to build it herself.

Adrienne has been focused on creating a space at Brush Park Gymnasium that authentically meets every family member’s needs and is a supportive and inclusive space for all. She believes families should not compromise between high quality childcare and superb fitness options. Health and wellness can be accessible to every member within the same space and Brush Park Gymnasium is that vision realized. 

Master’s in Exercise Physiology

Adrienne earned her Master’s in Exercise Physiology at University of Illinois at Chicago. During that time she worked with collegiate and professional athletes in the Strength & Conditioning programs at Northwestern University and UIC.  Before that, Adrienne spent about a decade as a teacher and earned her undergraduate degree in Special Education from Hope College in Holland, MI. She holds certifications in mobility, nutrition, and strength & conditioning. 

Home Life

Adrienne lives in Chicago with her two children Alex (8) and Ethan (5) and her dog Bobby Cannoli.