3 Healthy & Sustainable Habits

Looking for 3 healthy & sustainable habits for the New Year? Here at Brush Park Gymnasium we believe that being healthy or taking care of your body is an ongoing journey. It’s great to have a time of year that you stop and reflect how you can do better. However, let’s take a pause and simplify the process. What does your mind and body need right now? Sustainable habits start with small changes.

Healthy Habit Number 1

Healthy & sustainable habits here at Brush Park Gym begins with workouts that are programmed for every fitness level and are sustainable for the long term. What does that mean? Means we do not program workouts that are meant to kick your butt in 60 minutes. That isn’t very effective for your health in the long term. Sustainable exercise is what is needed to stay healthy and strong for your entire life. Brush Park Gym’s workouts teach you how to move safely, incorporate movements to open up common tight areas in your body, and build strength in a sustainable way.

Healthy Habit Number 2

Healthy & sustainable habit number two is incorporating daily mobility movements. This could take 10-15 minutes each morning. A couple of mobility movements we love here at Brush Park Gym includes cat/cow, thread the need, and seated flexion/extension. Feeling tight and uncomfortable from sitting at your desk? Check out our Renew exercise class. We spend about 20mins in our warm up to address tightness in your spine, hips, shoulders, and back. We’ll teach you how to incorporate deep breaths throughout the movements to help your body relax. Check out our instagram page for more morning mobility movements.

Healthy Habit Number 3

Healthy habit number 3 is meditation. Even taking 5 minutes out of your day to sit, close your eyes, and focus on long, slow deep breaths can do wonders. Looking for more guidance check out Dana Cruz’s virtual meditation offerings. We are partnering with Dana to soon offer a health and wellness focused event in the Spring so stay tuned.