Give us a try for FREE!

The FREE DAY PASS allows you to book an Adult Group Training (plus childcare if you need it) or an Aftercare session for free. Come see our beautiful facility and experience how we’re different.

Built for members to get active, connect, and make healthy living part of their lives.

We built you the perfect space where members can play, connect, get active, and live healthily ever after. 

A Gym Designed for All Fitness Levels by a Queer Family

Every square inch of our gym has been planned out to accommodate our members. This is done through group fitness classes for adults, active play classes for children, and a remarkably designed indoor/outdoor play space. Our gym includes amenities like easy all gender bathrooms with changing tables, free Wi-Fi, outdoor area for members to chill and a coffee/beverage bar.

Professionally Designed Workouts, Classes, and Open Play – Gym For Everyone

Today’s gyms work you as hard as possible for 60 minutes and then send you on your way. Brush Park’s philosophy transcends this short-term mindset and wants to make you better for the long haul. We take your lifestyle into consideration as we provide you with the tools to achieve a sustainable healthy and active lifestyle for you.

Educated and Certified Strength Coaches Help No Matter Where You’re Starting

You show up, we have the know-how.  While most gyms have personal trainers who earned a certification by taking an exam, at Brush Park Gym we have strength coaches who have actual college degrees in this field.  We evaluate what your body needs and design a purposeful workout accordingly. Our programs go beyond just getting you in shape, they are designed to help you live better.

A Healthy and Positive Community for All Members Under One Roof

 Brush Park’s guiding principle is that health and wellness should be accessible and inclusive. This means providing a gym that authentically meets the needs of every  member.  We do this through small group training classes, and active play classes for children ages 1-10 years old.

A Friendly and Approachable Gym Designed for All 

We understand that showing up to a new gym can be intimidating. We strive to provide an inclusive, non-gendered, body positive environment that supports and guides you towards your health and fitness goals. All of our small group training classes are customized to meet you where you are at.